Marnie Lane

Covid-19 Safety Information

Here are the Covid-19 controls we have in place to help ensure the health safety of our clients and students.



We provide hand sanitiser for participants and strongly encourage its use.

Yoga – All mats, blocks and equipment are sanitised before and after every booking/class.
Massage – All towels are thoroughly laundered in adherence to the strictest infection control methods, and dried / heated to 70 degrees Celsius to comply with these measures. Upon arrival, the Client’s temperature is taken and recorded. The client fills out an Intake Form, which includes a Covid agreement. The Therapist washes and sanitises hands prior to and following treatment. The Massage table and bolster are sanitised before and after every session.



One of the benefits of Yoga is that it is, by nature, a physically distanced activity. It requires a minimum of 2 square metres per person. We encourage participants to remain 1.5m apart. 

In the instance of Massage, distancing is impractical, however measures are taken, such as head and body positioning, masks if working around the face, and breathing control exercises to direct the flow of the breath while in close proximity.



Masks will be worn as deemed necessary when Massaging, on a case by case basis.
As Yoga is a physical activity, masks are not required to be worn during physical exertion. 

Any staff or subcontractors displaying any COVID-19 symptoms will be removed from the booking; and replaced where possible.

Please contact Marnie Lane to answer any questions you may have regarding our Covid-19 controls.